The Slang of SHS: part 4

Roast/Chirp/Spitting Fire


In this article of the slang of SHS, I will be covering how SHS students joke around with others. Here at Sartell High, students do not make fun of others, and it is not just because we are outstanding kids. Here at Sartell High School, students roast, chirp, and spit fire.

To roast has nothing to do with succulent meat cooked in a pot. Rather, roasting involves a verbal onslaught directed towards another person. Usually one person is roasted by the whole squad (group of people).

A chirp is very similar to a roast, but much less callous. Chirping could be more closely related to trash talking. It has a very playful, joking nature.

The king of all ridiculing is spitting fire. Fire, like it sounds, is hot. Only this type of fire is referring to the words being “hot” or controversial. The act of spitting fire is directing these highly controversial words towards somebody. If the fire that has been spit is malicious enough, it may be categorized as “straight fire.”


SHS Definition:


Roast verb (rOHst)

1: (v) A verbal ridiculing of one person or group (especially accompanied with the whole squad)


1: I hate when I get roasted by the whole squad in the group chat.


Chirp verb (chERRp)

1: (v) to poke fun of another being in a playful manner.


1: I got chirped so hard for my pink pants.


Spitting Fire verb (spITing fayuher)

1: The act of shooting verbal projectiles towards another person (especially when it leaves that person, or another person that hears it in shock.)


1: Did you see her tweet? She was spitting straight fire!