Jobs of SHS: Trevor Skinner

Many students of Sartell High School have jobs, and it's time for those jobs to be showcased! I will be interviewing a new student each week to share their job and the experiences they have had in the workforce.


Lexie Lamont

Jobs of SHS

Meet SHS senior Trevor Skinner! Trevor is currently employed at Howie’s Corner Bar and Grill in St. Stephen, Minnesota. Trevor works in the kitchen prepping and cooking food. He began working at Howie’s in May of 2016. This is the first job Trevor has ever had.

Trevor said the craziest thing that has ever happened while he was working was when he dropped an entire tray of food in the restaurant. There was food all over the place, and it took a long time for the staff to clean up, but he said there were no consequences and his boss was very understanding.

When I asked Trevor his favorite part of his job at Howie’s, he said, “It’s a super laid back and easy going job, and it’s not very stressful.” He also gets free food while he is working which is a great deal for him. Trevor said that he likes eating the food at Howie’s when he isn’t working, but it’s not as enjoyable to eat while he is working.

I also asked Trevor what he dislikes about his job and he said, “Sometimes I have to work 12-16 hours a week, and it can get really long after awhile; it’s also sometimes a lot of work prepping food.”

Lexie Lamont
Senior Trevor Skinner works at Howie’s.