Humans of Sartell – Week Eight



“Sushi cheers me up.”


“I feel confident about my style. I feel good about what I wear.”asdfsdf

“I’m a black belt.”


“I’ve learned the importance of brushing things off and letting things go.”


“With my friends I like to get coffee, chill out, drive around, and listen to music.”


“My ideal Saturday would be waking up at 8am and going to karate. Then I would come back and eat a late breakfast or brunch and do my homework. I would play some video games and then go to 5 O’clock church with my mom. Sometimes I watch college football when I get home, otherwise I play games till about 11pm and then go to bed.”


“I like to draw eyes and people.”


“You have things that are good about yourself that other people don’t feel as good about. Everyone has flaws and should be confident in their own way.”