Humans of Sartell – Week Seven



“I am proud of myself for holding true to my values.”


“If I’m bored I usually hunt down someone to hang out with me. I would call up every single person I know and be like ‘What are you doing?’ And if I get rejected I just move on to the next person.”


“It kind of scares me that everything in our life so far has been working towards the next level. I don’t want to be 100, and realize that I spent my whole life working towards the next thing and not living in the moment.”


“Let yourself experience new things. It is good to feel vulnerable sometimes.”


“If I get bored I eat pizza or powdered donuts. I think we have four bags of powdered donuts in my house at the moment.”


“I like to listen to music and sing along. I try to be happy… I like baking things.”


“At the end of the day you can only try so hard, so focus on yourself.”