Humans of Sartell – Week Four



For this week’s Humans of Sartell, I decided to discover all of the unique, classic, and fabulous styles of the humans in our school. From deer sweatshirts to bowties, Sartell has some intriguing fashion roaming the halls. Check out some of the excellent styles that I discovered.

“The Stylin’ Look”

c d

These two outfits are stylish, unique, and so hip. They make something as simple as blue jeans look unique with holes and by rolling them up. Both pairs of shoes are on point, and I now realize that I need a sweater with a deer on it in my life.


“The Comfy Casual Look”

g h

These two cool-cats make casual look amazing. They are working some running pants, Nike kicks, and comfy clothing to make for great outfits that are comfortable all day and enjoyable all night.

“The Stylish Casual Look”

b a

Some might call these outfits basic, but I call them stylish and great. They look effortlessly cute and this is a daily look that gets five stars from me. With a grey sweatshirt and jeans you can’t go wrong.

“The Game Day Look”

e f

It is easy to tell which students have a game on any given day by their “game day attire.” Teams often wear their sports warm-up gear or dress fancy to show their team spirit. Sometimes the soccer team does both by adding a bowtie to their warm-up outfit.