The slang of SHS: part 13

Doggin’/Dog Day

Madi Molitor, Journalist

In this article of “The slang of SHS,” I will be introducing two new words that are very popular at SHS. You will hear them used on the daily, and at the end of the year you will hear these terms hourly. For the senior class, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is because you will hear these two words constantly from them. Why is this some may ask? Well, our two words for this week are doggin’ and dog day.

For freshman, sophomores, and juniors, these words become popular when summer is only a few short weeks away. For seniors, these words may become their motto because the idea of doggin’ is not far from the well known and loved term, senior slide.

Doggin’ is essentially the action of summing up and combining all skills of procrastination, laziness, and doing-it-tomorrowness that you’ve learned throughout your life and turning it into one new fantastic slang word. As most of you can infer, dog day is just simply doing a whole day of doggin’.



SHS Definition:

Doggin’ verb (dOggen)

1: (v) Procrastinating, giving a half effort

2: (v) Senior sliding


1: Freshman: I’m so excited for summer to come, only two more days! It’s going to be awesome being a sophomore next year.  Yeah I agree, but I’ve been doggin’ for like the last whole week!

2: Senior: I’m so excited to graduate in a couple days, dude! At this point I really just need to graduate because I’ve been doggin’ since I came to school the first day of senior year.


Dog Day noun (dOg dAYY)

1: (n) A day filled with doggin’ and procrastination.


1: You can tell the end of the year is nearing, because everyone here forgot how not to have a dog day.