Humans of Sartell – Week Five


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“I want to own a spa for dogs. It’s probably not going to happen, but that’s the goal. Like how cool would that be?”


“There was one whole weekend that I got to spend with my girlfriend, and we went and we saw a movie and spent time together. It was an overall amazing weekend.”


“The best part of my day is going home and eating dinner with my family. We all talk about our days and eat good food.”


“I like driving home from school and listening to my music. It’s just me and the music which is really nice.  The drive home is normally the best part of my day.”


“A sandwich a day keeps the doctor away..that was stupid but I just really love sandwiches.


“If I get to take a nap, it is a good day.”


“Put your family and friends first because those are the people you can lean on.”  fasdfasfds “I want to be an optometrist when I grow up. It’s just a fancy name for an eye doctor.”