Humans of Sartell – Week Six



“I have run a 5K on Thanksgiving morning for the past four years.”


“I’ve learned that you have to choose your own happiness. If you’re having a bad day you can choose to turn it around with your attitude. If I wake up and decide to be happy then I know I am going to have a good day.”



“My happiest moment was when I got accepted into college, and I didn’t even know I made it so I had to ask my dad. He was like: ‘Yeah, you made it,’ and I was so pumped.


“I am thankful for my life experience and being able to express myself.”


“I have gone to state three times in soccer. The second time was the most rewarding because we won the section final game in a shoot out. It was pretty exciting.”


“I love the consistency of mashed potatoes.”

mhgchg“My friends and Jimmy Fallon  make me laugh. I laugh at really stupid things. I guess I just think everything is funny. *laughs*