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Eqqsquisite Eats: Gilberto’s breakfast

Will Brinkerhoff
Picture of the outside of the Gilbertos on Thursday morning

Gilberto’s is a staple in the St. Cloud late-night food scene offering a variety of traditional Mexican dishes at an affordable price. Most people when thinking of the restaurant do not think of breakfast. However, Gilberto’s boasts a 24/7 business model feeding hungry customers at all times. 

Carson preparing to take down the Sioux Burrito with a monster (Will Brinkerhoff)


Fellow journalist Carston Thorstenson and I have been hearing rumors about the fabled breakfast burrito offered at Gilberto’s entitled the Sioux Burrito. For a price of $12, the customer gets a large burrito filled with assorted meats, cheeses, and eggs. The burrito weighs over a pound and is estimated to be around 1,500 calories, enough to fuel a full day of activity. 


On Thursday, Carson and I headed over to the Gilberto’s on Division Street to check out the Sioux Burrito. We were greeted by a friendly staff and a relatively clean environment. The food came quickly and was quite delectable. We had probably never been to Gilberto’s while the sun was out so it was a unique experience to see it so empty during the morning.

Picture of the Sioux burrito that weighs over 1 pound (Will Brinkerhoff)


Our final rating was an 8.8/10 on Gilberto’s Sioux burrito. We highly recommend checking out their breakfast menu!



Pullquote Photo

“It was a doozy to get that burrito down but man did it hit like a disrespectful stepfather.”

— Carson Thorstenson

Epic edit of Caron and the Sioux Burrito made in Pic Collage (Will Brinkerhoff)
Picture of Carson next to the burrito before the meal begins (Will Brinkerhoff)
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