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Featured freshman of the week: Mara Segura

Aki Rebeck
Mara Segura at various different swim meets this past swim season. (Photos used with permission from Mara Segura and Ashlyn Swanson)

The Featured Freshman this week is Mara Segura. Mara is a freshman this year at Sartell High School. Not only is she new to the school, she is also new to the school district and the state.

Mara moved from Virginia this past summer and is enjoying the change. She is involved in various different activities such as swimming and enjoys making new friends and spending time with her family. 

Favorite Class- Math, it’s easy to understand and had a fun teacher.

Favorite Teacher- My English teacher, Ms. Box. She’s helpful and nice.

Class you’re looking forward to- Leadership, I am excited for the people in it, and it sounds like a fun class.

Do you like high school better than middle school?- Yes, I like having more freedom and late starts on Wednesday.

What do you think of Sartell so far?- I think the people are much nicer and welcoming than the students in Virginia. 

Hobbies/ Sports?- I swim for the high school swim team and swim for a club team during the off-season.

Do you look up to any upperclassmen?- Yes, Ashlyn Swanson because she has good advice and fun to be around.

If you could join any other sport or activity, what would it be?- Track, it would be fun to be outside and would make me stronger in the pool.

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