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Featured Freshman: Cade Budde

Patrick Immelman
Cade Budde is a man of many talents, and many athletic activities as well (Photos used with permission of Patrick Immelman and Cade Budde).

Cade Budde is a freshman at Sartell High School who despite his young age, has already made many friends, is involved in a diverse amount of extracurricular activities, and continues to impact the lives of others through his energetic and friendly personality.

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to interview Cade to get a scope on some aspects that dive a little deeper than just the surface. The following responses show Cade’s values and aspirations.

Question #1: What is your favorite memory as a freshman so far?

“Scoring my first varsity goal in lacrosse.”

Question #2: Who is your best friend(s)?

I honestly don’t know, I have a lot.”

Question #3: Do you have any siblings?

“Yes, Fallyn Budde and Ella Budde.”

Question #4: Favorite movie?

“Happy Gilmore.”

Question #5: What is your favorite sports team?

“Minnesota Wild.”

Question #6: What is your biggest goal in life?

“Make it to the PLL (Professional Lacrosse League).”

Question #7: Do you have a dream car?

Any older truck.”


This unfortunate pike crossed paths with Cade’s line and his master baiting skills proved fatal for the fish (Photo used with permission by Cade Budde)
Cade proudly presenting his monster largemouth bass to the camera (Photo used with permission from Cade Budde). 

The pictures above depict Cade’s love for fishing. He loves to slay walleye and northern pike whether it be in the depths of the frozen winter or the scorching dog days of summer.


Throwing a pass to teammate Jaxson Lampert, Cade is preparing to cut for a goal (Photo used with permission from Patrick Immelman). 

These pictures show Cade in a varsity lacrosse game against the Andover Huskies. Cade is a Faceoff/Midfielder and he has an incredibly high motor.

Budde dominating Andover senior at the midline, showing that age is just a number (Photo used with permission from Patrick Immelman). 


Mr. and Mrs. Budde along with Cade and his two sisters Ella and Fallyn (Photo used with permission by Cade Budde). 

Cade and his family snapped this shot after picking out their Christmas tree this past Christmas.

Mr. Budde tagging with Ella, Fallyn, Cade and Gavin potthoff for a pheasant hunt (Photo used with permission from Cade Budde).

This image shows Cade and some of his family members along with his sister’s boyfriend Gavin Potthoff, a senior at SHS. In this photo, they had a successful pheasant hunt, and they are proudly displaying their yield.


I was also extraordinarily lucky to get to interview SHS alumni and Sartell-Sauk Rapids head boys lacrosse coach Tron Trondson. His responses, although humorous, show his trust in Cade, mostly.

Sartell-Sauk Rapids Storm’n Sabres boys head lacrosse coach Tron Trondson V had some great responses to my question. (Carson Thorstenson)

Question #1: What has stood out to you about Cade?

“I have been able to be the coach for Cade since he was in 7th grade. On the field, something that has always stood out for me was his toughness and willingness to play any position. He works extremely hard and cares about his teammates. I am very proud of him and the strides he has taken to improve his game. Personality-wise, Cade has always been very vocal and fun. He enjoys being with his friends on the field, but also understands when he needs to dial in and focus.”

Question #2: What are you most excited about seeing in Cade

“I am excited to watch him continue to grow and improve his game. He has made remarkable strides since the first time we met and continues to progress in his game. I also am looking forward to Cade coming into his own as a leader. As I mentioned before, he is very vocal and always brings the juice to the games and practices. On the flip side, he is unafraid to call out problems and hold himself and his teammates accountable.”

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