New coffee shop in St. Cloud: District Coffee

A new coffee shop opened on the south side of St. Cloud.
A new coffee shop opened on the south side of St. Cloud.
Atira Olson


This week, Hannah and Atira were able to go visit the new coffee shop called District Coffee in south St. Cloud to explore the new local coffee shop location.

District Coffee is located on the south side of St. Cloud. (Hannah Diekman)

The new coffee shop is located on the south side of St. Cloud.  It is one of the only ones in this area, which was part of the reason for the owners, Molly Windfelt and Amie Danielson, started this business. 

One of the co-owners, Windfelt, says that she started this business “for many many reasons, but the other owner and I have been stay at home moms for the past 13 years, and we thought it would be a new fun adventure.”  The shop opened up on September 21st, 2023 in a spacious lot with a modernly decorated interior. 

This coffee shop is so cute! The white chocolate mocha was scrumptious!

— Atira Olson

District coffee has a modernly designed interior, with lots of spots to sit. (Hannah Diekman)







District coffee has comfortable furniture for seating, merchandise available to buy in store, and a meeting room in the back of the shop available to rent out.  This location feels very cozy and at home.

I thought that the interior was decorated so well and the menu had a great variety for everyone!

— Hannah Diekman

The coffee shop has a variety on their menu, with hot and cold caffeinated beverages, scones, cookies, sparkling water, lemonade, teas, crêpes, toasts, and much more! The co-owner, Molly, says her go-to drink is a “latte with oat milk.” 

The coffee shop has lots of food options, along with eight different kinds of crêpes. (Hannah Diekman)



If reading this article made you want to visit this coffee shop on the south side of St. Cloud, then do it! To find out more about District coffee, visit their website!







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