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The bucket list: part 5

SHS students share their personal bucket list ideas. They might even be able to give you an extra idea on what to do after school.
Ryan Quach
The Bucket List is a feature that highlights what Sartell students want to accomplish.

In this part of the bucket list, I interviewed Chase Jacobsen, Trevor Schmidt, and Hunter Leen. All them have unique goals and things that they want to achieve. Let’s get right into it!

To start it off, I interviewed Hunter Leen. Hunter Leen is a senior at SHS. What he wants to do is scuba dive. His reasoning is he doesn’t want to do something basic and sky dive, so instead he chose go deep into the ocean.

Scuba Diving is something that Hunter Leen wants to do.(Ryan Quach)
Hunter Leen, senior at SHS lives by the ‘Live, laugh, love” motto. (Ryan Quach)









Next up is Trevor Schmidt. Trevor is a senior at SHS. What Trevor wants to do is go wake boarding. He wants to wake board because he thinks it’s super fun.

Trevor Schmidt thought of this quote because he watched Kung Fu Panda one day. (Ryan Quach)
Trevor wants to go wake boarding at any location, as long as it has water. (Ryan Quach)









Last but not least, Chase Jacobsen, is a senior at SHS who loves to golf. Chase wants to go golfing at St. Andrew’s gold course.

Chase wants to go golfing at St Andrew’s Gold course. (Ryan Quach)
Chase lives in the moment and lets the wind guide him through life. (Ryan Quach)











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