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The best Starbucks options

photo via Rawpixel under the creative commons license
Starbucks has many options to choose from, so everyone can find something they will enjoy.

For Starbucks enthusiasts, the range of delicious drinks goes well beyond the traditional selection. Some of the most popular combinations combine rich espresso, steamed milk, and flavoring in a well-blended way that turns an ordinary cup into a delicious treat. These favorites match a wide range of preferences, from those who want the bold flavors of dark roast to those who want something sweeter and more rich.

The chain’s selection of the greatest Starbucks beverages displays its dedication to meeting various customers’ coffee needs.

It may surprise you to learn that the caffeine in your Starbucks order may benefit your heart. Although the positive effects of coffee have long been debated by science, a recent study found that by maintaining heart health, consuming two or three cups daily may extend your life. Coffee, according to research, helps individuals live longer by reducing the risk of heart disease and harmful cardiac rhythms. According to the study, people in good health and those with cardiovascular disease can benefit from this.

Researchers in Portugal have also discovered that coffee drinkers have higher levels of alertness and increased brain activity. Three to five cups of coffee a day is considered moderate coffee consumption, according to the European Food Safety Authority. According to a recent study by University of Minho experts, coffee drinkers who get this much caffeine daily report being more focused and having better memory and learning skills.

You need to schedule a trip to Starbucks soon if drinking coffee is a regular part of your day. Many delicious drinks at Starbucks are worth trying, regardless of whether you’re a frequent customer looking to vary up your usual order or a first-time visitor. Every consumer can choose their ideal order, ranging from timeless bestsellers to recently released favorites. 

After the opening of Starbucks in Sartell this past spring, Sartell students often bring a drink along with them to their morning classes. (Used with permission from Aki Rebeck)



The “best” Starbucks orders might differ drastically depending on the individual’s preferences. Starbucks provides a broad selection of drinks, including tea, coffee, and specialized and flavored drinks. Here are some popular Starbucks orders from various categories:


Strawberry acai refreshers are one of Starbuck’s most popular drinks among students. (Used with permission from Aki Rebeck)

What are some of Sartell’s student’s go-to Starbucks orders?

Morgan Gill: Strawberry acai lemonade refresher, no berries, add strawberry puree

Lola Sens: Iced sugar cookie latte, 2 pumps caramel

Elizabeth Jarnot: Iced sugar cookie almondmilk latte, sugar cookie cold foam

Kinzie Cusipag: Pink drink, light ice, no-berries

Ashlyn Swanson: Iced peach green tea lemonade, 4 pumps honey blend syrup

Aki Rebeck:  Strawberry acai lemonade refresher, light lemonade, no ice, no berries

Bailey Diebel: Brownsugar oatmilk shaken espresso

Sophie Spoden: Strawberry acai refresher, no berries, add extra apple juice


Sophomore Aki Rebeck displays a look of denial after her beloved strawberry acai refresher makes a devastating spill in the school’s hall. (Ashlyn Swanson)
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