Biden’s call to withdraw oil drilling


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President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Speaker Pelosi at the State of the Union Address.

Biden has withdrawn and canceled oil and gas industries drilling in Alaska, and it has caused an insane uprise in gas prices throughout the nation.

This is one of the oil drilling stations located in Alaska waters. (via Wikimedia commons license)
One of the oil rigs out of many is located in the Gulf of Mexico. (via Wikimedia commons license)

He also withdrew drilling in the Gulf of Mexico which doesn’t help the problem happening with oil shortages throughout our nation. Biden claimed there was a “lack of industry interest” which was his reasoning for canceling the drilling. The Biden administration is still waiting to issue a new offshore leasing plan which must happen every five years.




Students from Sartell High School had opinions on the rising gas prices.

Riley Herian Senior student at Sartell HighSchool is planning on working for his family business right after HighSchool. (Jacob Merrill)

Riley Herian senior at Sartell stated, “I think that it’s stupid how we raise the prices of gas but have the option to keep drilling and keep gas prices down to the normal numbers.”


Senior student at Sartell HighSchool is a future UMD student who plans to major in business. (Jacob Merrill)

Billy Vogt a senior at Sartell said,” I hate how high the gas prices are, especially when I have to pay for my own fuel. I am all for oil drillers to keep drilling in Alaska if it means lower gas prices.”