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Pentagon sends weapons to Ukraine

The Russo-Ukrainian War started in 2014 and escalaed in 2022 when Russia invaded. (Image created using AI in Canva)

The Pentagon is sending 300 million dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine to support the country. This announcement came on March 12th, after the Ukraine military continued to struggle with lack of weapons and ammo in their battle against Russian forces.

The Pentagon has spent so much money recently that they are beginning to enter a serious debt. Officials recently announced that they aren’t just out of money to buy replacement weapons, but they are also 10 billion dollars overdrawn.

Jake Sullivan, who is a national security advisor, had something to say to justify this additional aid that is being sent over to Ukraine. In an NPR article, Sullivan stated that “When Russian troops advance and its guns fire, Ukraine does not have enough ammunition to fire back.”

While some believe that this is a good way to help the cause in Ukraine, others believe this is not the best option. The idea that some other officials are pushing for is a replenishment in the budget that would cover the 10 billion dollars that are overdrawn. This would allow the Pentagon to send larger chunks of weapons and ammo that would be more effective.

“If we don’t get the $10 billion we would have to find other means,” Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks said. “Right now we’re very much focused on the need for that supplemental.” 

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