Featured Freshman of the Week: Haiden Welsh


Haiden Welsh

Haiden Welsh is a freshman at Sartell High School for 2019-2020 school year

Grace Hartwig
Haiden Welsh with part of the freshman for the Sartell Fall Dance Team

Q: How was the switch from middle school to high school?

A: It was pretty easy for me
Alexis Decker
Haiden Welsh and Macy Ouart at a Sartell Dance Team photoshoot

Q: Do you have any hobbies or activities you are involved in?

A: I am on the Sartell Varsity dance team and the fall team. I also dance as St. Cloud School of Dance.

Q: Favorite song or artist?

A: I guess I like pop music, but I don’t really listen to music.

Q: Who is your best friend? 

A: Macy Ouart

Q:Do you have any big dreams for after high school?

A: I wanna go to college to be a nurse or pediatrician.
Melissa Welsh
Hannah Welsh and Haiden Welsh on the sidelines before Haiden performs her dance for SCSD

Q: Do you have any advice for other high school students?

A: Don’t be stupid like our grade.

Q: Opinion on Hannah Welsh

A: She is very weird. One time when we were younger we’d put soap and water on the floor, and we would slide back and fourth on the floor.

Q: One fun fact you can share with everyone?

A: One of my pinky fingers is smaller then the other.