The slang of SHS: part 22


In this article of “The slang of SHS,” I will be focusing on another widely used term around Sartell High School. Here at Sartell, students do not simply saunter through the halls in just any ole’ footwear. Rather, it’s more common to see someone sporting a fresh new pair of dogs.

The word dogs has gone through quite the transformation. Students are not walking around with furry barking animals taped to their feet. Instead, they are just showing off a new pair of sleek looking sneakers. Dogs can be found in any classroom, but you need to look hard to find them. Not every pair of clean kicks are classified as dogs, but every pair of dogs are clean kicks.

I need a new pair of dogs for the spring!”

— Blake Webster

SHS Definition: 

Dogs noun (Dah-guhs)

1. (n) a pair of impeccably stylish shoes; clean kicks


1. Hey Carl, where did you get those sick dogs you had on yesterday? I need a pair!