The slang of SHS: part 21


In this article of “The slang of SHS,” we will cover how Sartell High School students give compliments. When walking through the halls of SHS, one does not hear traditional admirations. Instead of the classic, “I love your sunglasses!” a typical student at Sartell might hear something more like, “Dude those shades are so icy.”

To the average pedestrian, hearing this statement might bring on a sense of confusion. If unaware of the newest slang, one might assume that there are actual icicles dangling from the student’s sunglasses. To refer to something as icy is actually not a warning to crank up the heat and thaw out. Rather, being icy is a compliment toward another person in regards to their stylish appearance.

SHS Definition:


Icy Adj. (IsE)

1.  (adj) A compliment of the highest regards (especially when referring to shoes and/or shades)


1. Bro, did you see Kyle’s watch? It’s so icy!