The Slang of Sartell: Part 18

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The Slang of Sartell: Part 18

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In order to be able to sit in your garage with your new Lamborghini, you will more than likely need to have knowledge, as knowledge is more important than material things. Slang is considered knowledge, so in order to be able own a nice car, you need slang. Slang is important, so here is some more slang.



“Klowt” – Adjective



  1. Influence
  2. Respect


My clout levels went up by 100%.

Look at that clout God over there.




Xtrah – Adjective



  1. Over the top
  2. Unnecessary



Ricardo dressed up like Kanye West today, that’s so extra.

I boxed Loretta because she boxed me, I’m so extra.

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