Permission to use from Donovan

Donovan and AJ pose for pictures at their junior year prom.

Piper Olsen, Journalist

What is your biggest fear?

Donvan’s- Being stranded in the middle of the ocean 

AJ’s answer- Heights

What would your dream super power be?

Donovan’s- super speed

AJ’s answer- super strength

If you could go anywhere where would you go?

AJ and Donovan flex for senior year homecoming royalty

Donovan’s- Loas 

AJ’s answer- Loas

What is your favorite food?

Donovan’s- Pho 

AJ’s answer- Pho

Go to song?

Donovan’s- Crazy story part three

AJ’s answer- Crazy story part three

Do you have any comfort items?

Donovan’s- Randy 

AJ’s answer- The gym

What is your favorite thing to watch?

Donovan’s- South Park 

AJ’s answer- South Park

If you could meet anyone who would you want to meet?

Donovan’s- Morgan freeman 

AJ’s answer- Biggie Smalls

What would you be in jail for?

Donovan’s- Murder

AJ’s Answer- Assault