Permission to use from Donovan

AJ and Donovan have been bestfriends for five years!

What is your biggest fear?

AJ’s- posionous spiders like black widows 

Donovan’s answer- Heights

What would your dream super power be?

AJ’s- Teleportation

Donvan’s answer- flying

If you could go anywhere where would you go?

Aj and Donovan celebrate a Sartell win! (permission to use from Donovan)

AJ’s- Dubai 

Donovan’s answer- Hawaii

What is your favorite food? 

AJ’s- Burritos

Donovan’s answer- Steak

Go to song?

AJ’s- Bestfriend by 50 cent

Donovan’s answer- Tampa

Do you have any comfort items?

AJ’s- A candle

Donovan’s answer- Randy

What is your favorite thing to watch?

AJ’s- South Park 

Donovan’s answer- South Park

If you could meet anyone who would you want to meet?

AJ’s- Trend Twins

Donovan’s answer- Katie Sigmond

What would you be in jail for?

AJ’s- Robbery

Donovan’s Answer- Stealing