Thoughts and opinions on the latest season of ‘Last Chance U’


Brady Hu

Last Chance U is going for a second season of its popular basketball series.

The season of Last Chance U had a bunch of ups and downs. Here is a preview of the season before getting into any spoilers. This article is going to be about my opinion of the season; at the end, I will rate it out of 10.

DC Calip, ELAC star in the making going into his sophomore year (Via DC Calip Instagram)

First, my favorite character in the show had to be DC. DC is a son of a former NBA player and to be honest, he is rather delusional. He is a bench player on a junior college team, and he asked his coach what his role is on an NBA team. His coach even calls him out on it when DC says he wants to go Power 5, and Mosley says he needs to be more realistic. He just brings a bunch of comedy to the team that is much needed in the season.

One character that I feel should have gotten more playing time was Shemar Morrow. The coaches say Shemar is the most talented player on the team and they still choose not to play him. It kind of made me mad, not gonna lie.

My least favorite character had to be BP. BP was arrogant because he was a big-time transfer from a D1. It made me mad because he expected a bunch of stuff to be handed to him while Demari was working his butt off to make it on the court.

John Mosley coaching his basketball team to four losses and a second round exit in the tournament (Via John Mosley Instagram)

A hot take I have been seeing on the internet is that Coach Mosley is actually not good and I have to agree with him. In peer basketball coaching, he makes some questionable decisions with his lineups. He tends to take out star players for long stretches and put in some role players and hope that they can make big plays. I will say he is a very good motivating coach. He is very good at keeping it a hundred with his players and motivating them to be better for the season. However, I just don’t think he is a big X’s and O’s type of guy.

Overall, I give this season a 6.3/10. It was very okay but nothing like the first season. The characters in this season just aren’t as interesting as the other characters in the last season. Also, the team this year isn’t nearly as good as the team in the previous season.

I would give it a solid 7.

— Anthony Mahowald on his rating on the new season