Siblings of Sartell: Blake & Grace Hartwig


Anne Hartwig

Blake and Grace at Blakes senior prom.

Out of all the sibling duos throughout Sartell, I chose to interview the Hartwig duo to find out more about their brother-sister bond. This year Blake is a senior and his younger sister, Grace, is a sophomore.

It will be weird not having Blake around the house next year.”

— Grace Hartwig

Q: What is your favorite thing to do together?

B- “Make Tik Toks.”

G- “Go to the gym.”

Blake will be attending NDSU next year, and will miss spending time with his sister Grace. (Angela Heckman)

Q: Were you closer when you were younger, or now?

B- “Now.”

G- “Now.”

Grace taking pictures outside with friends. (Alexis Decker)

Q: What’s one thing you guys have in common?


G- “Our sarcasm.”

Q: What annoys you most about your sibling?

B- “She complains to get what she wants.”

G- “When he bugs me.”

Q: Favorite memory together?

B- “Going to Mount Rushmore.”

G- “Swanville carnival.”

Q: Who is the favorite?

B- “Grace.”

G- “I’m my mom’s favorite, and Blake is my dad’s.”

Q: Funniest story 

B- “Playing night games and scaring her to make her cry.”

G- “Going on the houseboat.”