Siblings of Sartell: the Pille sisters


Emma Ritter

Anna and Sarah live in Sartell and attend Sartell High School.

The enemy that you can’t live without. Your built-in best friend and your lifelong rival. Siblings can be both of these things, especially when you are merely one year apart. Anna Pille is a senior at Sartell High School, and Sarah Pille is a junior at Sartell High School. 

Over the weekend, I interviewed Sarah and Anna Pille in order to get a better understanding and perspective on their relationship with these eight questions:

In what ways are you similar?

Anna: We are both very realistic. 

Sarah: We live in the same house, have the same parents, we usually eat the same dinner… that’s about it.

In which area are you guys the complete opposite?

Anna: We have very different interests, and I think that I have better organizational skills than her.

Sarah: I’m funny.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Anna: Go out and get food.

Sarah: I like to complain to Anna and Anna likes to listen.

What is your biggest pet peeve about the other person?

Anna: Her singing, the way she overreacts, and her swallowing. 

Sarah: The way she chews, walks, and just her overall awkwardness really angers me.

What is your favorite quality in the other person?

Anna: The fact that she’s very direct and isn’t afraid to say what she’s thinking.

Sarah: I like that she cleans things for me.

Describe one another in three words or less:

Anna: Funny, Knowledgeable, Mean

Sarah: Punctual, Awkward, Loud

What is one thing your sibling can’t live without?

Anna: a sleep mask

Sarah: my wardrobe

What is one thing your sibling can do, that you can’t do?

Anna: Make good jokes.

Sarah: Walk up the stairs without being out of breath.

Sarah and I definitely wouldn’t be friends if we weren’t sisters, but I am glad that we have the friendship that we do today.”

— Anna Pille