Protests flare up in Brooklyn Center after Daunte Wright shooting


photo via flickr under the creative commons license

Protests were held outside the Brooklyn Center police headquarters.

Starting from Sunday April 12th to Friday April 16th, crowds of rioters gathered at the Brooklyn Center Police Department to demand justice for Daunte Wright. Daunte Wright, 20, was fatally shot by an officer by the name of Kimberly Potter, 48, during a traffic stop that Sunday afternoon. Curfew was put in place at 11 pm that the crowd refused to obey. They were demanding justice for Daunte Wright.

From the past six days, there were 136 arrests made that Friday night, compared to the 0 that were made the night before.

Police threw tear gas as well as flash-bang grenades after warning the crowd to stand back and go home after disobeying the curfew but a few protesters were shielded with umbrellas. In return, the crowd threw smoke canisters and fireworks at the police. The officers however were well protected but a few officers did sustain minor injuries. Minnesota State Patrol col. Matt Langer said “Police attempts were made to talk to the crowd and negotiate; however, there was failure to comply.”

Looters also broke into the businesses at a strip mall near the police station.

Potter has since resigned from the department and is facing a second-degree manslaughter charge against her.