Siblings of Sartell: Sophie and Olivia Doering


Olivia Doering

Sophomore and Junior at Sartell High School, Olivia and Sophie Doering.

Here at Sartell we have plenty of sibling duos, this week I will be interviewing two sisters with a love hate relationship. Sophie is a junior, and Olivia is a sophomore this year.


Q: What is your favorite thing to do together?

Olivia: “Probably shopping.”

Sophie: “I would also say shopping or just going for a drive, getting food.”


Q: What do you admire the most about your sister?

Olivia: “Uhh she hangs out with me.”

Sophie: “She doesn’t snitch on me.”


Q: What is your favorite childhood memory

Olivia: “When we would go down the steps in laundry baskets.”

Sophie: “When we made a slipping slide in our bathroom and caused water damage throughout the entire basement.”


Q: What three words would you use to describe your sister?

Olivia: “Nice, caring, supportive.”

Sophie: “Energetic, kind, unique.”

Q: What annoys you most about your sister?

Olivia: “When she wakes me up from my naps.”

Sophie: “When she wears all of my clothes without asking.”

We love a dysfunctional sisterly bond. (Sophia Doering)

Q: Who takes longer to get ready?

Olivia: “Sophie”

Sophie: “Me”


Q: Who has the messier room?

Olivia: “Me”

Sophie: “Olivia”