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Par-Tee Time: an honest review on the Topgolf experience

Abby Shaw
St. Cloud Tech Senior Caden Koehn hitting a ball with his seven iron.

On Friday, April 19th, a few friends and I decided to head down to Brooklyn Center’s infamous Topgolf to see if the trip was worth the money.

Some of us had been there a time or two before, and some of us had never seen the inside of the building but regardless we were excited to have the opportunity to go. One thing we could all agree on for the most part was that being on the first level was not an option. If you have never been to Topgolf before, let me be the first to inform you that it is not a cheap evening activity. So many people have the notion that to get your money’s worth, you have to be able to get a bay on the second or third floor.

Sartell Senior Carson Reichel lines up to take a shot.(Abby Shaw)

Luckily enough, we were put in a bay on the second floor, and in my experience having gone to Topgolf multiple times throughout my life, it does not matter what floor you are on as long as you are with a good group of people. However, Sartell Senior Carson Reichel explained why he believes it does make a difference to the overall experience. 

Being on the third, or at least the second, floor is a vital part of getting the whole Topgolf experience. Being on the bottom floor is too close to just being at a normal driving range. If you are on the top floor, you have a better view, a higher tee box, and a cooler experience overall.

— Carson Reichel

Sartell Senior Bailey Diebel gets ready to tee off with her driver. (Abby Shaw)

Alongside Carson, many would argue that being on a higher floor is even more important if it is your first time visiting Topgolf. In our group of four, Bailey was the only member who had never been to Topgolf. Her lack of golf experience and open mind about trying new things made her the perfect person to review the overall experience.

During our time at Topgolf, Bailey paid attention to the service she received, the food quality, and the establishment’s overall cleanliness. Her overall impression of whether or not customers receive a quality experience can provide insight into whether or not the quality of the business meets expectations and therefore justifies the price.


We ordered a large basket of fries served with the classic Topgolf ranch while we were there. (Abby Shaw)


Service: They checked on us every so often, and were very polite. It was nice that we weren’t bothered an extreme amount of times throughout the night so it felt very laid back. Rate: 8/10

Food: As someone who had never been there before I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as food goes. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was. We shared a basket of fries and they were some of the best fries I have ever had. Rate: 9/10 

Cleanliness: They had the bathrooms cleaned at least once every hour and the rest of the place was very clean as well. The bays were clean and heated when we arrived and they stopped by periodically to take any of the trash that we had sitting around. Rate: 10/10

As important as it is for first-time customers to have a good experience at Topgolf, it is just as important for those who frequently play golf to feel as though it is worth the money. Although I regularly enjoy both watching and playing golf, I would not consider myself an expert on many of the aspects of the game. However, Caden has been playing golf for three years and was able to give some helpful insight on things he believes are positives about the establishments and some features he wishes were slightly different.

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