Siblings of Sartell: Zach and Will Mathiasen


Kira Workman

Brothers Zach and Will being interviewed for siblings of Sartell.

You hate them. You love them. You are forced to be around them. They live under the same roof as you and eat the same food as you. I think you know whom I am talking about. Siblings.

Zach is a junior this year at Sartell High School and Will is an incoming freshman. Zach and Will both enjoy playing sports and video games.

I interviewed the Mathiasens to find out more about their brotherly love.


How are you and your sibling similar?

Will: We both dislike each other.

Zach: We both like football, basketball, both sports guys.

How are you and your sibling different?

Will: Interests outside of sports.

Zach: I’m way cooler than he is.

Zach is a good person to talk and relate with.”

— Will Mathiasen

What is your favorite memory of each other?

Will: Tubing.

Zach: Spending time at the lake.

What do you guys like to do together?

Will: Car rides to school.

Zach: Drive to school.

Who do you think the favorite is between you?

Will: My parents even admit it’s me.

Zach: Definitely Will.

How often do you argue?

Will: Whenever we talk to each other.

Zach: All the time.

Describe each other in one word

Will: Stupid.

Zach: Loser.

What’s your favorite thing about each other?

Will: He can drive.

Zach: He’s good at football.

I like that Will and I can play sports together and have fun with it.”

— Zach Mathiasen

Who keeps their room cleaner?

Will: It’s definitely me.

Zach: Me!

What’s your least favorite thing about each other?

Will: He’s really annoying.

Zach: He’s perfect in every way.