Jacob Bjelland

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What is Abdul’s go-to video game?

Jacobs Answer: Fortnite 

Correct Answer: Fortnite


Who was Abdul’s first pick in Fantasy Football?

Jacobs Answer: Does not play Fantasy Football

Correct Answer: Does not play Fantasy Football


Jacob and Abdul take their football season pictures.


Would you describe Abdul as Lazy or Energetic?

Jacobs Answer: Lazy 

Correct Answer: Both sometimes but mostly lazy 


If Abdul could steal one thing without consequence, what would he steal?

Jacobs Answer: Money 

Correct Answer: A Mercedes 


Does Abdul prefer to watch college or professional sports?

Jacobs Answer: If he is watching sports, professional 

Correct Answer: Professional 


Who is Abdul’s favorite artist?

Jacobs Answer: Quando Rondo 

Correct Answer: A- Boogie 

Abdul Wadood
Abdul and Jacob take a selfie on the bus ride to football.

What is Abduls favorite brand?

Jacobs Answer: Jordan

Correct Answer: Jordan 



What are three items Abdul always carries?

Jacobs Answer: Keys, Phone, and Wallet 

Correct Answer: Wallet, Keys, and Phone