Abdul Wadood

What is Jacob’s go-to video game?

Abdul’s Answer: Fortnite

Correct Answer: Fortnite 


Who was Jacob’s first pick in Fantasy Football?

Abduls Answer: Does not play Fantasy Football

Correct Answer: Does not play Fantasy Football 

Emma Gent
Abdul and Jacob dress up with their friend Luke as minions at the volleyball game.


Would you describe Jacob as Lazy or Energetic?

Abduls Answer: Lazy 

Correct Answer: Lazy 


If Jacob could steal one thing without consequence, what would he steal?

Abduls Answer: Car 

Correct Answer: Money 


Does Jacob prefer to watch college or professional sports?

Abduls Answer: Does not watch sports, but would watch professional 

Correct Answer: Does not watch sports 




Who is Jacob’s favorite artist?

Abduls Answer: YNW Melly 

Correct Answer: Luh Kel


What is Jacob’s favorite brand?

Abduls Answer: Nike 

Correct Answer: Nike 


What are three items Jacob always carries?

Abduls Answer: Phone, Keys, and his Contacts 

Correct Answer: Phone, Charger, and Backpack