The slang of SHS: part 1



With all of the slang terms used, a day at Sartell High School could be much like one spent in a foreign country. Students knowingly, and unknowingly throw out terms on a consistent basis.

As a student at Sartell, keeping up with the latest terms proves to be an important and monumental task. This same task seems to be even more difficult for the SHS faculty, “I would never even try to say the slang because it would be too awkward. It wouldn’t sound right coming from me,” said English teacher Mrs. Nelson.

In an attempt to help educate the student and faculty population of Sartell High School, I will be defining a few select words.

For week one I have selected two widely used words around the halls of SHS: feen and figurin’.

Feen is a word that has evolved much from its original meaning. defines feen, actually spelt fiend, as an evil spirit or a diabolically cruel and wicked person.

Figurin’ is a word short for figuring.


SHS definition:


Feen noun/verb (fēn)

1: (n) A person who begs others for items, favors, goods, etc.

2: (v) The act of coveting items, favors, goods, etc. from someone.


1: He always asks me for my gum. What a feen.

2: Hey bro, I am so thirsty. Can I feen a drink from your water bottle?


Figurin’ verb (FigŸerŸin)

1: (v) To assume greatly.



Student 1: I am the best football player in Sartell.

Student 2: Dude, you are figurin’ pretty hard.