The slang of SHS: part 2


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In this article of “The slang of SHS,” I will be focusing on another widely used term around Sartell High School. At SHS items are not grabbed, passed, or handed over, but rather they are sauced, and sometimes snagged, but mainly sauced.

The word sauce has come a long way from its hockey origins. Sauce is derived from the term “saucer pass”; meaning to float the puck through the air to a teammate as opposed to on the ice.

At Sartell High School, sauce has come to replace the act of passing or grabbing something for someone, but is not limited to just this act. It is possible, and I repeat it is possible, to sauce numbers into a calculator, or to sauce answers onto a worksheet, or complete other tasks by such nature. While seeming weird, this is not uncommon.

Kyle Och and Grant Lahn might frequently say ‘Sauce me the rock’ on the basketball court.”

Snag is a term that can sometimes replace the act of saucing in events such as grabbing or passing.


SHS Definition:

Sauce verb (SAWsss)

1: (v) The act of passing or handing something; giving.

2: (v) To move something from one medium to another. (Especially to do with information)



1: Hey, sauce me the stapler.

2: Will you sauce your number into my phone?


Snag verb (snAg)

1: (v) To grab. (Especially for another person)


1: Could you snag me a worksheet from the front of the room?