Gavin Reitz

Gavin and Trevor met through hockey when they were little. Gavin’s favorite memory with Trevor was when they were little, they went camping and Gavin cut his knee on a jump. Gavin and Trevor share a lot of the same hobbies, but they both really love to hunt and fish. Gavin admires Trevor’s dedication to the things he does, especially hunting.


BFF quiz questions:

What is Trevor’s favorite color?

Gavin says: Pink

Correct Answer: Orange


What is Trevor’s favorite hobby?

Gavin says: Hunting

Correct Answer: Hunting


What is Trevor’s favorite brand of clothing?

Gavin says: Gucci

Correct Answer: American Eagle


What is Trevor’s celebrity crush?

Gavin says: Ryan Reynolds

Correct Answer: Taylor Swift


What is Trevor’s favorite music genre?

Gavin says: Classical

Correct Answer: Country


What is Trevor’s biggest fear?

Gavin says: Llamas

Correct Answer: Lizards