Trevor Skinner

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Trevor and Gavin became best friends at the age of seven. Trevor would describe his relationship with Gavin as goofy. Trevor admires Gavin’s personality and motivation. Trevor’s favorite way to spend time with Gavin is hunting or relaxing by the pool. Trevor’s favorite memory with Gavin was going to hockey tournaments when they were 10-11 years old.


BFF quiz questions:

What is Gavin’s favorite color?

Trevor says: Blue

Correct Answer: White


What is Gavin’s favorite hobby?

Trevor says: Football

Correct Answer: Hunting


What is Gavin’s favorite brand of clothing?

Trevor says: Nike

Correct Answer: Under Armor


What is Gavin’s celebrity crush?

Trevor says: Clay Matthews

Correct Answer: Scarlett Johansson


What is Gavin’s favorite music genre?

Trevor says: Country

Correct Answer: Country


What is Gavin’s biggest fear?

Trevor says: Snakes

Correct Answer: Growing up

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