Our View: The Le Sabre staff on MSHSL transgender policy

Jason Koopman, Reporter

Opinions differed amongst the Le Sabre staff members last Friday, in Mrs. Nelson’s room. The topic was the Minnesota State High School League transgender policy dealing with locker rooms, and which activities (boy’s or girl’s) they should participate in. A transgender is someone who has the reproductive parts that define us as either male or female, but identify with the other gender. Over the past week MSHSL officials have debated on a new policy regarding transgender high school athletes. Although the policy was supposed to be determined last week, the committee decided to table the decision to a later date.

The Le Sabre Staff was split three ways. The debate was heated. One opinion is that those who identify as transgender should change in the locker room based on their biological parts. Gaby Hagen shares her thoughts, “It’s not about feelings; it’s about parts.”

Another view expressed by the Le Sabre staff is that transgenders should be allowed to change in the locker rooms and participate in the sports that they identify with.

Lastly, some argued that any decision would offend one view no matter what. They argued that there was no winner in this situation.

Nevertheless, as MSHSL officials continue to debate this situation, it is sure to remain a controversial topic.