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Japanese Cafés let customer cuddle with pigs

Kaylee Hilde
In Tokyo, Japan you can go to a café and cuddle with pigs.

First Japan let pets come into café, then they had cat cafés, and now have pig cafés. 

Business owners in Tokyo, Japan opened a cafe where customers can hang out with pigs in 2019 known as Mipig Cafe. The pigs help lower stress, lower cardiovascular disease, and other health benefits. 

These pigs are not your stereotypical large, stinky, and loud pig. They are miniature pigs who are mostly quiet and clean and not stinky. 

Many customers leave with big smiles on their faces and many pictures of the pigs cuddling with them. 

 In the NPR article a review by Brad Loomis, a software engineer from Pullman, Washington. After he visited Tokyo’s Mipig Café he said “It was wonderful. Very relaxing and enjoyable.” 

These are not the only animal café in Japan, they have ones featuring hedgehogs, owls, birds, and snakes

The café is a great place to go and destress and relax while cuddling with pigs drinking coffee or eating food. 

According to an interview in an NPR article, Dr. Bruce Kornreich, professor of clinical sciences at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in New York, said, “There is mounting evidence that associating with and owning pets can provide mental health and physical health benefits for people.” 

Some argue that this is not good for the pigs, claims from PEACE, which stands for Put an End to Animal Cruelty and Exploitation. They believe that this stresses the pigs out and that the pigs do not have enough of a natural environment for them to stay in.  

In an NPR article Sachiko Azuma, head of Tokyo-based PEACE said “The animals have become tools for a money-making business.” 

Visit Tokyo, Japan to experience the Mipig cafe costing 2,200 yen ($15) for the first 30 minutes. Must make a reservation. Fall in love with a pig, and purchase it for about 200,000 yen ($1,350). 

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