How well does Piper know Donovan?


Piper Olsen

Piper is trying to enjoy the last of her senior year at Sartell High School.

Q: How long have you been together?

Piper’s Answer: Almost 4 months,

Donovan’s Answer: Almost 4 months.

Q: Who was interested first?

Piper’s Answer: Donovan.

Donovan’s Answer: Me.

Q: What’s their favorite place to eat?

Piper’s Answer: La Casida.

Donovan’s Answer: Arroy.

Q: What’s their favorite color?

Piper’s Answer: Blue or Green.

Donovan’s Answer: Black.

Q: What’s their favorite Candy?

Piper’s Answer: Gummy Bears.

Donovan’s Answer: Gummy Bears.

Q: When is their birthday?

Piper’s Answer: February 11th.

Donovan’s Answer: February 11th.

Q: What is their eye color?

Piper’s Answer: Brown.

Donovan’s Answer: Brown.

Q: What is their Starbucks order?

Piper’s Answer: Water?

Donovan’s Answer: I don’t go to Starbucks.

Q: What is their pet peeve?

Piper’s Answer: Annoying voice or saying ignorant things.

Donovan’s Answer: Annoying Voices.

Q: What is their dream job? 

Piper’s Answer: Architecture or MMA.

Donovan’s Answer: Professional Strength Coach.