Senior Spotlight: Lindsey Opatz


Lindsey Opatz (Used with permission)

Senior Lindsey Opatz poses for her senior pictures in the Sartell area

Even though there is still snow on the ground mother nature isn’t fooling anyone that it is almost spring. Which then means, it is the senior’s final days at Sartell High School. Bittersweet to see it all go but every book has an ending.

Senior Lindsey Opatz, Grace Rajkowski, and Rachel Schafer at the winter formal. (Lindsey Opatz used with permission)

Lindsey Opatz is the new senior spotlight and will be telling everyone about her future and the plans she has ahead!

Coming in the fall of 2023 is a future Tommie! Lindsey plans on attending the University of St. Thomas with a major in biology but mainly focusing on pre-veterinary medicine.

Our high school years have gone by in a blink of an eye, with Covid cutting freshman year short, but it wasn’t all too bad. One of Lindsey’s favorite memories from freshman year was quarantine! She got to hang out with friends all day and enjoyed doing school from home!

One last thing Lindsey has to say about this year is that it is going well, but she is very excited to be going to college in the fall!

As the seniors take in these last special moments of high school they are more than ready to start their college careers to make new friends, meet new people and most of all make new memories.