Traveling long hours? You need something to do!

If you are planning a break trip or any trip that involves flying for many hours, this article is for you because you are going to need a list of cool things to do to keep the boredom away in the flight .


Ray Kim

Flying long hours can be tough and you need to be prepared.

To many people, an 11 hour flight might seem like a boring and long activity; here’s how I spent my 11 hour flight to Los Angeles from South Korea.

First, I downloaded a few movies on my phone before the flight. Since, on a flight you don’t have WI-FI to keep you busy on social media or web surfing, I thought it will be best to download movies before the flight. Although, there are many  many movies to watch in the flight,  I wanted watch some specific movies that I like.  

International travel requires a passport, so don’t forget that! (Ray Kim)

Also my favorite  thing to  do in a plane is to listen to music. There is no better way to keep you energetic when you have to sit in the small airplane seats for 11 hours then music. Here are some of the songs that I listened to during my long flight. 





1.Bad Habit-Steve Lacy 

A long playlist of music is another essential item to have during a long flight. (Ray Kim)

2.Ride- Twenty One Pilots

3. Heat Waves- glass animals

4. Laugh Now Cry Later- Drake

5. Sober- Bigbang

To avoid jet lag, I like to stay awake during the flight, and the more energetic music that you listen to, the easier it will be for you to stay awake during the whole flight.

Here are some tips for you to make your  flight more comfortable. I recommend you make a reservation for the flight fast. The reason is,  you will have a higher chance to choose where you want to sit during the flight. But I recommend an aisle seat, because it is way more convenient when you need to go the bathroom or when you need to stretch your legs in the aisle. When you sit next to the window you will feel very embarrassed when you go the bathroom, since you have to ask for people next you to make some space for you to get out. (But this situation only happens when you sit in economy)

My last tip for a long flight is to bring a neck pillow to the flight. During a long fight your neck will most likely start to hurt, but if you have a neck pillow it can help you ease the pain a bit. I recommend you to try it on and find the pillow that fits you the best. You can find neck pillows in the duty free shops inside the airport. 

Long flights can be boring and uncomfortable, but there are many different ways to entertain yourself and help make the flight go by a little faster!

On a long flight, make sure you bring that neck pillow. (Ray Kim)