Siblings of Sartell – The Greshowak Siblings


Jennifer Greshowak

Greshowak family getting pumpkins as per family tradition

Benjamin, Megan, and Lukas Greshowak are siblings at Sartell High School. This will be the first and only year they are at Sartell High School together. The family has been in the Sartell/St. Stephan’s School District since 2015.  They enjoy traveling, family trips and spending time together as a family. 

Greshowak siblings on their most recent road trip to Texas in 2022. L-R Megan, Lukas, and Benjamin Greshowak. (Jennifer Greshowak)

Benjamin Greshowak is the oldest of the siblings and is graduating high school this June. Ben is interested in pursuing a history degree and becoming a museum curator, or national park or monument historian after grad school. He is a member of the speech team, future educator’s club and student council. He is also an avid photographer and enjoys drawing, writing, reading and spending time outdoors.


Greshowak siblings all had blonde hair when they were little. L-R: Megan, Benjamin and Lukas Greshowak. (Jennifer Greshowak)

Megan Greshowak is a junior and plays the cello in the orchestra. Megan plans to become an equine veterinarian after high school. She spends most of her free time training her dog and barrel racing with her horse. 

Lukas is a freshman and also plays the cello in the orchestra. Lukas is interested in pursuing business and law after high school. He enjoys working out, gaming, and biking with friends.

While each are unique and have rather different hobbies and passions, they all participate as cadets in the Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force and volunteer for the Tri-County Humane Society, the VFW and Magnus Veterans Foundation

The Greshowaks believe in the importance of community service and giving back to their community. They have been participating in volunteer activities since they were in elementary school, and it has become something they value and are proud of. 


Greshowak family trip to Lake Michigan in 2018. L-R: benjamin, Jennifer, Lukas and Megan Greshowak. (Benjamin Greshowak)


What is your favorite thing to do in the car together?

Benjamin: Listening to music.

Megan: Argue. 

Lukas: Playing trivia apps or telling jokes together.  


What is your favorite memory together?

Benjamin: That one trip to lake Lake Michigan around Christmas. 

Megan: When the power went out for days, and we read books by flashlight.

Lukas: First time we visited a natural spring in Wisconsin in winter.


What do you love about your siblings?

Benjamin: They are very supportive.

Megan: They make me laugh.

Lukas: They play games.


How are you different/How are you similar? 

Benjamin: I am organized. They often are not.

Megan: They are brothers – that says it all. We all love animals.

Lukas: I’m the funny one. We love the outdoors.


What is your favorite thing to do together?

Benjamin: Drive and go on road trips.

Megan: Volunteering together.

Lukas: Playing cards as a family.


What is something your siblings do that annoys you? 

Benjamin: Eating spicy chips. 

Megan: Saying you can “palm” everything (Lukas) and being backseat drivers (both).

Lukas: Being too defensive. 


Describe each other in one word.

Benjamin: Creative.

Megan: Funny.

Lukas: Intriguing.


Who is the cleanest/messiest? 

Benjamin: Cleanest. 

Megan: Clean.

Lukas: Cleaner.


Which sibling would you call to bail you out of jail?

Benjamin: Depends on who has more money at the time. 

Megan: Lukas.

Lukas: Mom. 


Are you closer now or when you were younger? 

Benjamin: Both

Megan: Both

Lukas: Now


The Greshowak family enjoys spending time together. In this picture, they are on a family vacation in Texas.
L-R: Lukas, Megan, Jennifer, and Benjamin. (Jeff Sholl)