Sports are essential for students


Magdalen Brands in Canva

In today’s day and age, sports during schools are important.

School Sports are incredibly important in schools today for students health, well-being, and development. (Magdalen Brands)

While kids are in school today, sports are incredibly important to their education, growth, and development. Having sports in school is of great importance to help kids grow and develop their self both physically and mentally, helps them become good team players, helps them develop good health, and even helps them in their academic pursuits.

More than any other activity, sports allows people to actively see where they land score wise against the rest of the people playing the same sport, according to Coach Carlson at Sartell High school. This gives an important advantage because they can see if they are actually the best and inspires them to work to get better. (Magdalen Brands)

According to many sources, such as sports medicine weekly, there is evidence that students who engage in sports have become stronger, both mentally and physically. It helps students avoid weight gain and blood pressure issues, and helps reduce pressuring stressers. According to leverage edu, spending long hours sitting at a desk and studying restricts their physical activity and causes a constraint on their health. Therefore engaging in sports, even just having a physical education class is incredibly important for teenagers. And from a third source,, having sports in schools help students develop lifelong healthy choices when it comes to fitness and physical health. It also reduces the risks of obesity, helps improve cardiovascular fitness and healthy growth through exercise, and helps their health in many other ways. Including regulating blood pressure, reducing blood sugar levels, improves hand-eye coordination, improves sleep, and improves energy levels.

When it comes to health, it also helps students mentally. According to sports medicine weekly, sports in schools help students develop patience, and persistence, positivity. Sports require students to work together, and therefore it helps grow healthy social relationships, teamwork, and cooperation. This will help students greatly in their future lives, and helps them improve necessary skills and mannerisms in relationships of any kind. According to sports medicine weekly, no one can succeed isolated or without motivation, therefore helping improve students mental health and social relationships are vital. According to leverage edu, it also helps students with introspection on a wide range of emotions and how to handle them. These including many from emotions during a win, during a loss, and during different emotions that come about because of the relationships they gain through the sports.

School sports are important for students to develop social interactions, leadership, friendships, and much more in terms of development. (Magdalen Brands)

There was also two teachers/coaches at Sartell High school itself that has been interviewed on this topic. First was Ms. Crandall, who teaches biology and coaches the girls tennis team. According to Ms. Crandall sports are important for students to have while in school for several reasons. The first is that it helps prioritize the students with their schedules. Helping to teach them to see what’s important to get done, what’s not as important to get done, what needs to be done by a certain date, and how to juggle and organize those tasks successfully. She also states that sports in schools help students not just learn how to work as a team, but also helps them improve themselves by getting feedback. Whether that feedback is positive or negative, it all collectively works to better the students and that’s why sports should be allowed in schools. Because sports do so much more than just give physical exercise.

For this article, Mr. Carlson was interviewed on his opinions about why school sports are important. (Magdalen Brands)

Next, Mr. Carlson was interviewed as the second interviewee. Mr. Carlson teaches a few arts classes here at Sartell High school, but he also coaches track and has coached many other sports in the past before coming to Sartell High School. There are many reasons he gives as to why school sports are important. The first is that sports in school is essential to help students achieve what they need to developmentally in order to do well in school, and that not having sports, or physical learning available to students in school would be like not having art classes and clubs in schools. He gives Gardner’s Theory of multiple intelligences to back this points up. This theory states that all people have eight different types of intelligences that are at differing levels of proficiency. Mr. Carlson states that not having sports in schools would be to the students’ detriment because the school would then not being nurturing these multiple intelligences completely, and therefore not be nurturing the students development completely.

Next Mr. Carlson states that is that sports help students get active and healthy. Even extending students lives and setting the ground work for much healthier choices later on in life. Lastly, Mr. Carlson states that sports help students learn the value of teamwork, and that no other area is it as easy as in sports to really know where you stand amongst others. If you are considered the best, and if you’re not, how to get there. Which motivates students to get better at all sorts of things.

In conclusion, after researching and asking coaches at our own high school, school sports are extremely essential to students today.