Gas prices surpass four dollars in central Minnesota


Mason Lund

Central Minnesota gas station reaches $4 last week.

This past week in central Minnesota, gas prices finally cross the $4 mark. Prices the past few weeks have fluctuated between $3.70 and $3.99 leaving many people anticipating the rise above $4. With summer approaching and many recreational vehicles coming out of storage, this is going to leave many people with a decision to make about how much time and money they will be willing to spend on those activities.

With the average gas price in the country dropping as low as $2.25, Minnesota was able to have prices under $2.20 and maintain prices around $2.70 until they started to rise again in 2020. Minnesota is approaching its record high in gas price of $4.13 during May of 2013. After reaching the $4 mark for the first time since 2008, the US has now surpassed a record high across the country.

Experts say they expect the high gas prices to stay prevalent for quite a while. It is expected that prices will continue its slow climb above $4 in Minnesota. With the war in Ukraine keeping gas trending in the wrong direction, it’s hard to say when people could see prices fall.