Man from St. Joseph dies in motorcycle crash


photo via flickr under creative commons license

Recently in St. Jospeh, man died from a motorcycle crash.

A photograph of Tyler Koopmeiners before the fatal accident. (Tyler Koopmeiners, Facebook)

At 2:30 am Friday, the 6th of May, a 27 year old man was killed in a motorcycle accident in St. Cloud.

According to St. Cloud police, the 27 years old, Tyler Koopmeiners from St. Joseph was driving his motorbike through St. Cloud when he hit a curb and crashed into the intersection of Ninth Avenue and 15th Street North. It was discovered through investigation, according to Bring Me The News, Tyler Koopmeiners had been heading south bound on 9th Avenue when he struck a curb and lost control of his bike.

Facebook posts, according to KSTP describe Tyler as having been an avid motorcycle and car fan.

With life threatening injuries, Tyler Koopmeiners was taken to the hospital, it is unknown which hospital, where he would sadly pass due to his injures the next Sunday. (Wikimedia under creative commons license)

Taken to the hospital for his injuries, which were life threatening at the time Tyler Koopmeiners would die due to his injuries the next Sunday. According to NewsBreaks, this makes the most recent of three motorbike crashes to happen in Minnesota. Following the fatal crashes of a 39 year old, William Schwandt from Kimball who crashed when another driver turned into front of him, and 59 year old, Jefferey Sonczalla from Minneapolis who died after hitting a metro transit bus.

In the motor accident with Tyler, no other vehicles were involved in the crash, and information about this accident can change as St. Cloud police do more investigation into the crash.