Softball superstar Alayna Tavale plays hard this season


Tara Skinner

Senior Alayna Tavale shares some of her favorite memories of her time on the softball field.

This year’s softball team has a record of 10-4, and I interviewed Alayna Tavale to see how it’s going for her so far. 

Alayna Tavale is a senior softball player and has been playing since she was 7 years old. (Tara Skinner )

Alayna likes playing softball because it gives her something to do, and she loves to play with friends. She enjoys competing against other players who are also competitive because it amps up the competition. Sauk Rapids is her favorite team to play because they are Sartell’s rival school, and it’s always a good game in the end. 

Tavale pitching for her team last year. (Alayna Tavale)

Alayna plays first base and is a pitcher. She was inspired by her sister Julianna because she played her whole life, so it inspired her to start playing when she was seven years old. 

Alayna and Julianna after one of her games freshman year. (Alayna Tavale )

Tavale’s favorite memory from this season is when she got her first hit in the first game of the season. A memorable moment from her past is playing with seniors last year.

She says that their defense has led them to many wins this season and that she will miss playing with her friends, especially Maggie Kruse. 

This is Maggie and Alayna’s winning game that brought them to state. (Alayna Tavale )