Unsolved murders in Minnesota


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Police are currently investigating the events that led up to the murder of the Winek family.

According to ourworldindata.org, more than 400,000 homicides happen each year in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately, some of the murders go unsolved, and the victims don’t get the justice they deserve.

According to projectcoldcase.org from 1980 to 2019, the number of unsolved murders in Minnesota is a record-breaking 1,932. One particular case was back in November of 2016, Terrence Brisk was shot in the head with his own rifle while out on a deer hunting trip in Belle Prairie. Investigators in the area claimed that the murderer had to be fairly close to Brisk, meaning they could have interacted with each other before the killing. As of 2020, the Morrison county sheriff’s office is still searching for the killer to this day and has no further evidence as to who may have done it.

If technology were as advanced as it is now, I think we would have had a better chance of solving the older cases. ”

— Mrs. McMullen, teacher at SHS

Another killing happened just four years ago back in 2019. 76-year-old Evelyn Adams was brutally attacked inside her home by an intruder. Investigators from the Blue Earth’s sheriff’s office said that at first Adam’s injuries didn’t seem too severe but five days later she sadly died. Before she died the police were able to interview her in which she stated that she couldn’t see the intruder’s face because he was covering it. The police did they as of 2020 that they are relevantly close to solving this case.


Evelyn Adams (Blue Earth Sheriff’s Office )


It is disturbing and sad to see that so many murders in Minnesota alone go unsolved. ”

— Alex Kampa, special education teacher at SHS


Another disturbing murder was back in 1993. 17-year-old Hang Lee from St.Paul mysteriously went missing one day. Police interviewed Lee’s brother and he said that the morning before she went missing she made a remark that unsettled him to the core. She said, “If I don’t come back, come looking for me.” Nikki, one of the Hang’s friends, was the first to be suspected because she was with her before her last moments.

These are just some of the murders that go unsolved each year. To this day, sadly numerous amounts of disturbing Murders go unsolved throughout the U.S and the world. Some of the families and the victim’s sadly don’t get the justice they deserve.