Teachers of Sartell- Mr. Carlson


Mike Carlson

Mr. Carlson exploring the North Shore with his rescue dog Baxter. Mr. Carlson is a huge dog fan

You might have seen a new face around at Sartell. Mr. Carlson is a new member of our art department here at Sartell High School. He also taught at Foley, so this isn’t his first rodeo.

Mr. Carlson went to Brainerd High School. He was a member of the track and field team, the basketball team, and the football team where he played OL and TE. He attended the University of Minnesota-Morris where he was also a track and field member. He was captain of the track and field team; he specialized in jumping and javelin.

A young Mr. Carlson throwing it down in warmups before an intramural basketball game at the University of Minnesota Morris(Photo via Mr. Carlson

He’s also an active member of our teaching staff here at Sartell. He is the girls’ head coach for the track and field team. He also helps out with the visual arts club where they do fun things like museum visits, artist meet and greets, and attend art festivals.

Sartell Art Club students visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.(Photo via Mr. Carlson)

Mr. Carlson teaches a variety of art courses, but he specializes in ceramics and painting. So if you hope to have him as a teacher, you should look into registering for those classes.

Mr. Carlson has many hobbies such as woodworking, cooking, camping, hiking, kayaking, and fat tire biking. He also has a pottery and painting studio in his basement that he frequents on rainy days. He is a huge dog fan and loves to take his dog on his adventures.

One thing Mr. Carlson wants his students to know that he loves Pearl Jam. A dream of his is to see them in concert in a foreign country