Freshman of the Week- Ella Kirchner


Morgan Kirchner

Our featured freshman, Ella, on a vacation with her family.

Ella and her friends after watching a Sartell football game. (Jody Kirchner )

After my conversation with Ella here were some of my takeaways. I found out that she likes to bake; her favorite thing to bake is cookies, “because they are easy.” After putting up a good fight, I think I was able to talk her into pole vaulting for the track team with me this spring.


-How has high school been so far?

“It’s been good, there’s some classes but the like dances and everything has been fun.”


-Do you eat school lunch?



-What do you miss about middle school?

“Nothing, I hated middle school.”


-Who has been your favorite teacher so far at the high school?

“Mrs. Driste – I really liked her because she was straightforward, and she helped you on questions and she set you up for success and gave you lots of resources and stuff.” 

This is Ella’s dog, Laci, laying on the carpet in the family room. (Ella Kirchner)

-What has been your favorite class?

“Probably Spanish.”


-Who would you say is your best friend?

“Zoe Lain or Maddie Winters.”


-Do you have any pets?

“I do, I have one dog, named Laci.”


-What are some of the hobbies or activities you are involved in?

“I was in diving and now I do lifting in the winter and in the spring I’ll do track.”


Ella and her friends before the Sartell winter formal dance. (Jody Kirchner)

-Who is your favorite upperclassman?

“Probably Hailey because she drives me everywhere, and I go to Trois with her or Morgan Weber because she was the dive captain or Ella Simmons because even though I didn’t practice with her very much she was very nice.


-Is there a fun fact about yourself you would like to share?

“No, I am not very interesting.”