US reports that birth rates have fallen to its lowest point in more than a century


Photo via Flickr under the creative commons license

US birth rates are falling to its lowest point.

The United States birth rate fell more than 4% last year, which is the largest single-year decrease in almost all 50 states, as reported by the CDC.

This rate has dropped for women of every race, ethnicity, and age group; it has dropped the most it ever has ever since federal health officials started tracking it more than a century ago. 5o years ago, the average woman had about 5 children around the country. Nowadays, the average per woman is below 2.5 children.

The striking low birth rates have to do with a combination of economics and the COVID-19 virus. 50 years ago, many mothers had

The United States is seeing a heavy decrease in the amount of babies mothers are having. (Chart via Our World in Data under the creative commons license)

many children because they had a growing farm. The more help on the farm, the more the family could make. However, nowadays as farm work decreases every year and office jobs increase, mothers do not need to have as many children. Also, the COVID-19 virus caused many mothers to push back their thoughts of having a baby at that time in fear of what could happen.

The United States used to be the best country at making sure the next generation had enough babies to replace the current generation. The reality is, the CDC does not see this happening with the next generation. The baby boomer generation is slowly beginning to go, and the United States has some work to do to replace their heavily impacted ways on the country.

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