Book Review Mistborn: The Well of Ascension


Josiah Wolters

The book cover to The Well of Ascension written by Brandon Sanderson

Kelsier is dead, The Final Empire has fallen and the Lord Ruler dies leaving one final warning. After defeating the Final empire, Elend Venture was made king and made new laws for the new kingdom, however, Elend’s father starts a siege on the capital of Luthadel as the world slowly begins to burn. 

By killing me you have doomed yourself. ”

— Lord Ruler

A god of the planet Scadrial. Ruin’s goal is to kill all life there (Josiah Wolters, art done by Kyle Pearson)

Vin Mistborn drives herself to exhaustion as she spends countless hours working to keep Elend safe and tries to find another mysterious Mistborn who goes by the name of Zane. Vin also starts hearing a small drum beat in her head. Elend the new king of Luthadel is trying his best to lead the new kingdom whilst the city is under siege from his father Staff Venture. Sazed is out exploring the world when he comes across a strange phenomena of the mist seeming to strangle and kill people. Zane, a Mistborn, believes that Vin will be the one to cure him of his insanity, Zane however is not insane just has a helmalurgic spike in him that allows Ruin a god of that world to manipulate him.

Vin sees shadows of what could happen in the near future whilst burning Atium (Josiah Wolters )

The Well of Ascension is the 2nd book in the Mistborn series. Brandon Sanderson once again writes a novel with extreme twists and turns. The characters slowly grow stronger only to be destroyed by loss at the end. Brandon continues to write in the same style as his past book and is a bit longer than The Final Empire. I personally did not like it as much as the last one because Kelsier was the star of the first book and Kelsier is really only mentioned in this one, though there is a Mistborn: Secret History book which follows Kelsier during the events of this book and the next one.

Spoilers below